What priority do Mirrormont roads have in King County during a snowstorm?

The “tiered system” instituted in 2012 for County roads resulted in the following service deliveries: during ice and snow events — only 10% of county roads will be maintained as Priority 1, then Priority 2 roads will be plowed after all other Priority 1 roads have been plowed, especially during regional weather events. Priority 3 and 4 road will not be plowed.

  • Priority 1 Roads — Issaquah- Hobart Rd and Tiger Mountain Road will receive snow plowing.
  • Priority 2 Roads — Mirrormont Blvd entry hill up to Mirrormont Way and up to “water tower hill” and down to Tiger Mtn. Rd.
  • Priority 3 Roads — Mirrormont Drive
  • Priority 4 Roads — all other roads in Mirrormont. None are expected to be plowed.

King County recommends that residents be prepared with adequate provisions for food, water, medicine, heat, and light for 4—8 days of isolation during these events.

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