What are the benefits to the community?

Healthy food to share: Many Mirrormont residents love to grow vegetables without sacrificing trees to grow beans and broccoli. Gardeners share their vegetables with friends and neighbors. Excess produce is donated to Issaquah Food and Clothing Bank. In 2016, gardeners donated 723 pounds of veggies.

Community building: Mirrormont Pea Patch has been weaving more community through gardening together, work parties, and bimonthly potlucks. Volunteers talk while working; people stop by on their walks to ask what’s happening. Gardeners are excited about exchanging seeds and seedlings, sharing food, and having potlucks made from the abundance of the garden. The garden is open to anyone who would like to walk through and see what’s growing throughout the year.

Education: Mirrormont Pea Patch is a place to learn together about growing food. Over the years, we’ve had a Master Gardener available at Growing Groceries Clinics or at the garden working on her own plot but available to answer questions. Gardeners are exchanging information about what works and what doesn’t in our microclimate. We occasionally bring in speakers for events open to all Mirrormont residents.

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