E.1. Architectural Committee

The architectural committee shall consist of three members. The original board shall be the officers of Woodland Properties, Inc., who shall serve until their successors are designated as provided below. If any member should resign or die, the remaining members shall appoint a successor. At any time a majority of the tract owners of record may hold an election and appoint a new committee or revise the duties and powers of the existing committee.

Mission Statement: The Mirrormont Covenants, the Architectural Committee, and the Architectural Plan Review process seek to serve the Mirrormont Community in the following ways: to allow for consistent application of the Covenants in order to maintain, protect, and enhance the value, desirability, attractiveness, and unique character of the Mirrormont community; to assist each individual property owner within the community to properly plan for their construction process or site improvements; to assist property owners in dealing with situations in the community which may be deemed as non-conforming to the Covenants. The Committee endeavors to assist all Mirrormont residents on these issues, while also advocating a degree of community responsibility, involvement, and ownership in the process of enforcing the Covenants within our community.

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