C. 9. Fences

All fences shall be approved by the architectural committee as to uniformity of general design and architecture.

Guidelines: Fence plans must be submitted to the Architectural Committee for approval. The plans need not be professionally prepared, but should be of enough detail to clearly define the following: location of entire fence line on the parcel in relation to property boundaries; description of fencing materials to be used; style of fence to be installed; height of fence to be installed in each area (if different heights/styles/materials are used.)

Acceptable fence styles and materials include, but are not limited to: split rail fencing; cedar plank privacy fencing; picket fencing. Chain-link or other wire mesh materials are not permitted in locations visible from the adjacent roadway, but may be approved in other locations, depending on the proximity to adjacent properties, roadways, and natural wooded buffers. Fence height, construction methods, placement, and other characteristics are required to comply with established codes of King County. Fences used for screening of recreational vehicles, waste receptacles, and other items requiring screening by these Covenants will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Approvals will be made in writing from the Mirrormont Community Association, will specifically reference the affected property and describe those conditions under which approval may be granted.

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