C. 8. Building Plan Approval

No building shall be erected, placed or altered on any lot until the construction plans, specifications and plot plans have been approved by the architectural committee as to the harmony of exterior design with other homes in the subdivision.

Guidelines: For new single-family home construction or significant remodels, the following items shall be submitted for review by the Architectural Committee: site plan of affected property, including landscaping and/or re-planting plan; floor plans for each level or story; exterior elevations of all sides; list of exterior materials and colors. Plans should be professionally prepared and include specific information such as scale, dimensioning, and square footage. Submittals for minor remodels/projects-decks, shed or outbuilding, fence, etc-need not be professionally prepared, but should be of enough detail to clearly define location, size, appearance and materials. Plans shall be reviewed per the standards set forth for Architectural Plan Review (expansion link). Approvals will be made in writing from the Mirrormont Community Association, will specifically reference the affected property and describe those conditions under which approval may be granted. The Committee will maintain contact with the property owner at intervals throughout the construction project to ensure that each of the specified conditions is met.

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