1. Dogs and other animals are NOT allowed in the garden area at any time. There is a doggie hitching posts by the back gate.
  2. There is no smoking allowed in the gardens at any time. Research shows that tobacco can transmit a virus to tomatoes.
  3. Use common courtesy and resolve differences in a neighborly way. For problems with fellow gardeners, stay polite and listen carefully; usually solutions are easily reached. Verbal or physical abuse will not be tolerated. Contact the Pea Patch Committee for more serious difficulties.
  4. Loud radios are prohibited.
  5. Closely supervise your children; help them learn respect for gardening and boundaries. Children using tools in the garden must be under direct and constant supervision of a parent or responsible adult. “Direct” means to be within talking distance.
  6. When not in use, tools, buckets, and other equipment cannot be left in the pathways. Paths must remain clear.
  7. As a courtesy to other gardeners, please do not walk on someone else’s plot or pick their produce unless invited. Do not damage, remove vegetables, flowers, or garden equipment without the owner’s consent.
  8. If you witness or experience garden theft or vandalism, notify police by calling 206-296-3311 to file a report, email other PeaPatchers, and report to the Mirrormont Community Association at Board@mirrormont.org
  9. The Mirrormont Pea Patch is not responsible for loss of garden products.

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