1. Mirrormont Pea Patch is open to Mirrormont residents who are paid members of the Mirrormont Community Association. To participate in the Mirrormont Pea Patch there is an additional annual fee to cover water and common costs. Group purchases can save us all money. The time period covered is from January through December each year. Gardeners are subject to these rules.
  2. Raised beds are 4-feet wide by 8-feet long (24); 8-feet by 8-feet (3), and 8-feet by 16-feet (11). They may be cultivated year round. The annual application fee is $15, plus $10 for up to three 4×8 plots, one 8×8 plot or one 8×16 plot.
  3. The maximum number of plots that a first-year gardener may rent is one.
  4. Plots may be shared among residents.
  5. Applications must be submitted by: February 7th. Application forms may be found on the MCA website.
  6. Returning gardeners have first preference to the plots they rented the previous year as long as their applications and payments are received by the deadline set by the Committee and they have complied with garden rules.
  7. Assignment of space is given first to returning gardeners who want to renew their plot(s). A waiting list will be maintained by the Pea Patch Registrar; plots will be assigned on a first come/first served basis.
  8. Applications received after the deadline will be assigned space as available.
  9. When you no longer want your plot, you must notify the Pea Patch registrar. You cannot give your plot to others.

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