The Joy of Mirrormont

The Mirrormont neighborhood answered the call for giving during this holiday season. It was not a surprise though, as it is a common occurrence from residents all year round.

As a Volunteer Coordinator for Catholic Community Services (CCS), it was a pleasure to receive a call to pick up a bunch of Shoeboxes of Joy (SOJ) from my own neighborhood. CCS’s Volunteer Services works with elders and adults with disabilities statewide without regard to race or religion, and collects SOJs from organizations for the holiday season. SOJs are given to seniors and sometimes it is the only holiday gift they receive.

Organized by Mary Nelson and Heidi Kayler, the boxes were stuffed and wrapped by a dozen teens, moms and elders after a call out to the community. Over 30 families contributed items like gloves, canned foods, books, and sundry items. The response was so strong that an amazing 60 Shoeboxes of Joy were created!

This is just one example of Mirrormont’s charitable endeavors. For in-stance, 100 pairs of shoes were donated by Mirrormont residents for the Liberty High School Shoe Drive organized by Mary Nelson.

The Issaquah Food Bank is a recipient of much giving from Mirrormont folks. For example, Linda Shepherd collected and donated three dozen cookbooks from Mirrormont families. Also, the great gardeners at our Pea Patch gave almost 750 pounds of fresh, organic vegetables.

Of course, this is all in addition to the residents who give of their time, money, and items on their own without fanfare or thanks. Just further proof that Mirrormont is the Neighborhood that Gives! If charitable work interests you, please contact for more information. The rewards will be great and never forgotten.