Spring Clean-up, a Mirrormont Phenomenon

February 20, 2017 Community, MCA Programs0

Ever since the 1971 Mirrormont News reported, “Clean-up Day yielded several pickup loads of junque,” this event has grown in popularity and tonnage. In 2016, The Big Truck picked up 32 curbside piles, and a total of 117 households filled four 40-cubic-yard dumpsters and sent 11.2 tons of “junque” to the landfill. In addition, a recycler took away five 16-ft truckloads piled high with metals. The event cost the MCA $2650, primarily for disposal fees.

The Spring Clean-up has always felt like a three-ring circus to me: cars lined up to dump; stuff crashing into dumpsters; people cruising for freebees; the metals recycler whacking apart lawnmowers; folks donning vests and taking black bags to Adopt-a-Road; people buying plants at our Pea Patch Plant Sale.

It’s a day of orchestrated chaos, full of work and play, camaraderie and catching up. Like everything else the MCA does, this event takes volunteers to make it happen. Thanks go to each of the 47 volunteers who contributed to our 2016 Spring Clean-up in one way or another, from setting up a canopy to working all day loading dumpsters, checking in MCA members, adopting a road, or riding on The Big Truck.

In 2017, we want to emphasize reusing, repurposing, and recycling. Sheldon Esteb and Michelle Naglee have volunteered to organize the 2017 Mirrormont Garage Sales, and scheduled them for May 12th and 13th, a week before the Spring Clean-up.

As usual, Spring Clean-up volunteers will put serviceable items on the lawn by the tennis court fence. Feel free to stay and shop! Last May, I saw a dollhouse being adopted, bikes were taken to a church for refurbishing, a nice metal and glass table found a new deck to live on, and much useful stuff was repurposed. And it’s wonderful to see Nextdoor being used to extend the life of things.

While shopping for freebees, be sure to check out the vegetable starts, native plants, herbs, and perennials for sale. Your purchases help sustain Mirrormont Pea Patch, where everyone is welcome to stroll through the garden and see what it’s possible to grow in Mirrormont.

NEW IN 2017: We want to add a truck for electronics recycling, and a shredder truck service—both contingent upon receiving a Community Service Area grant to help cover expenses.

Please join me in thanking all the volunteers who worked so hard to make this a successful event in 2016! We hope you and your neighbors will pitch in on May 20, 2017. And contact me at president@mirrormont.org ASAP if you would be willing to be the Ringmaster of this three-ring circus.