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The name “Mirrormont” was inspired by the name of a villa in Casablanca, Morocco in North Africa:

“I was stationed in Casablanca at the end of World War II and dating a French girl whose parents had owned a wonderful villa in Casablanca. Their villa had been taken over by the American Army for use as a residence for high-ranking officers stationed in Casablanca. The name was Villa Miramar, which means ‘view of the sea,’ and I had gone there for several parties and receptions. When we were deciding on a name for Mirrormont, I came up with Miramonte, ‘view of the mountain,’ as I had fond memories of my time in Casablanca. But that name had been used a lot before. So we changed it to be like ‘mirror of the mountain’ and dropped the E on monte and that was how it happened.” – Rod Loveless, developer of Mirrormont

Where 263rd dead-ends into 152nd, there’s a house and roof are all metal. Before that, it was one of the original A-frames. The second family in there built a big, high fence to house a kennel because they raised German Shepherds. The third family who moved in there had a full-grown male lion. In the summer, when that lion would roar, you could hear it all over Mirrormont. Some neighbors finally made him get rid of it. This was somewhere around 1970-1975.

Tom Cole, moved to Mirrormont in 1965

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