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Our by-laws state: “The members of the Association, who are resident upon or who have any ownership interest in any single tax lot within Mirrormont shall be … assessed annual membership dues per calendar year, payable on or after January 1 of each year…”

Annual dues are a grand bargain at only $50/year. Remember that your dues must be paid in order to participate in community events like the Spring Clean-up, Garage Sale, and MCA-sponsored social events. You can now pay your dues on-line (a service fee of $1.80 may be added by PayPal). Please send all dues to not

If you have not yet paid your dues, you can either send through Paypal or mail a check to:
Mirrormont Community Association (MCA)
V.P. Membership
P.O. Box 476
Issaquah, WA 98027-0476

If you would like to check if you’re up-to-date on your membership dues, send an email to

The Mirrormont Community Association is staffed by dedicated resident volunteers. It is our aim to act as a voice for residents and assist them in any way possible as an organized group in constant contact with the governing bodies around us. We are involved in ongoing discussions with King County. The MCA has also acted as a liaison to the local water company. Most important, the MCA serves as a focal point of action should an emergency or disaster occur in our neighborhood.

How you and the community benefit from MCA Membership Dues

In recent years, the MCA has created property-enhancing amenities such as Mirrormont Park and Mirrormont Pea Patch, and maintains the Mirrormont signs and surrounding landscaping to give an attractive face to Mirrormont to those passing by on the Issaquah-Hobart Rd.


MCA also sponsors numerous community-building activities including:

Spring Clean-up: You know how rejuvenating it is to de clutter and freshen up the look and feel of your home each spring. What can you do with all the unwanted stuff the trash man won’t or can’t take? Spring Clean-up to the rescue! Bring your sad and unused muddle to this event and, presto, it’s off your hands. MCA volunteers will even pick it up at your house, if you need the service. You don’t need to look at your mess or your neighbor’s any longer. Serviceable items are set aside and often adopted by another family as a way of “free cycling” and keeping useful stuff out of the landfill.

Adopt-a-Road: As a part of the Spring Clean-up, neighbors can sign up for their own road, or any other Mirrormont road, and clear it of litter. King county provides safety gear, bags, and pick-up service. Safety vests are provided by the Department of Corrections!

Halloween Party: In late October, with a chill in the air and leaves starting to cover lawns, the MCA is ready to get ghostly and ghoulish with the kids. Nothing too scary, just lots of fun, games, prizes, treats and a chance to show off those fabulous costumes. Babies through elementary school-aged MCA members enjoy tactile tests of goblin brains and witch hearts; fishing for prizes; bobbing for apples, tossing games, crafts, and ghoulious party food.

Community Garage Sale: Each spring, any member of the MCA may participate with a sale and have their home included on a flyer/map, which lists the categories offered at each location.

Easter Egg Hunt: The Easter Bunny never misses a chance to visit Mirrormont and always leaves plenty of goodies in his wake. Kids show up early with a sturdy basket and eyes peeled! Witnesses have reported a gigantic Easter bunny hiding eggs in the park. It must be true, because kids fill up their baskets with eggs while searching for the elusive, prize-winning Golden Egg.

Adult Holiday Socials: A great way to meet neighbors old and new. Neighbors gather at the clubhouse in early December for a Holiday Party featuring potluck appetizers, BYOBs, and great conversations. Past events have included a St. Patrick’s Day party with plenty of ‘green’ on hand and a lovely Wine Social so guests can share a bottle of their favorite vino. Snack on hors d’oeuvres, and schmooze. Top it off with a festive Margarita party on a summer evening.

Community Picnic & Swim: Each summer, the MCA sponsors a picnic with games in the park and around the clubhouse.

Welcome Committee: A Welcome Bag is given to each new homeowner who moves into our community.

Tour of Gardens: Since 1996, the MCA has sponsored tours of Mirrormont gardens. The 2011 tour focused on vegetable gardens, including Mirrormont Pea Patch, and a woodland garden.

Safety: BlockWatch, Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), and Map Your Neighborhood programs help keep Mirrormont safe. And the Ladies Patrol that began in the early days of Mirrormont is still active in its most recent incarnation of moms on the lookout for suspicious activities. For more, see the webpage on Safety.

Website & Facebook: Take advantage of up-to-the-minute information on the Mirrormont website. This site keeps you apprised of neighborhood wildlife sights, upcoming events, membership, and so much more.

Mirrormont Park: Easily the most serious and fabulous undertaking by the MCA to date, Mirrormont now has a beautiful park in the meadow behind the Country Club. Many hours of hard work have been put into this project already and many more are ahead. Take a stroll through our new park – the crown jewel in what is already a gem of a neighborhood.

Mirrormont Pea Patch: Everyone is welcome to: stroll through the garden to see what is possible to grow in your home vegetable patch; attend bimonthly Growing Groceries Clinics throughout the growing season to learn from Master Gardeners; and purchase Tiger Mountain-gown perennials and vegetable starts at the annual organic plant sale. MCA members are eligible to apply for garden plots.

Advocacy: Over the past 50 years, the MCA has:

  • Prevented a nearby gravel quarry
  • Successfully lobbied against a maximum security prison nearby
  • Initiated a class action suit against Pipeline Systems for leaking oil
  • Installed a TV translator tower to receive Channel 9 before cable
  • Battled King County to install a storm drain to prevent flooding of homes
  • Advocated for Washington Natural Gas to extend their service area to Mirrormont
  • Contested expansion & re-zoning of Hayes Trucking, thus preventing an industrial corridor along Issaquah-Hobart Road
  • Advocated for King County Dept. of Transportation to upgrade road services in Mirrormont, particularly snow removal

Join us! Better yet, play an active role in your community!

NOTE: The Mirrormont Country Club is a private organization; see

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