Paying MCA dues is voluntary, so “sustaining” dues-paying membership varies each year:

2019               293

2018               297

2017               286

2016               287

2015               272

Anyone over age 18 years of age who either resides or owns property located within the Mirrormont, Colleen or Haas precincts of King County can join. It is an organization of interested residents who work together on community projects and neighborhood concerns.

Yes, all residents are encouraged to attend the MCA monthly meetings to share ideas, provide feedback, or just sit back and learn a lot. Public comment often makes for a lively and informative opening. Don’t worry; you won’t get volunteered for something just for attending (but you’re welcome to if so moved!)

You can see the current Board members and get contact info on the MCA Board Page.

Historically, the annual budget has been used for:

  • Spring Clean-up 27%
  • Community-building & safety 25%
  • Insurance 20%
  • Maintaining entryway & signs 15%
  • Administrative expenses 13%

Mirrormont Pea Patch is self-funded by gardeners’ dues; it was originally created as a MCA project through a grant from King County Department of Natural Resources & Parks. Click here for more information about the Pea Patch.

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Contact the architectural committee BEFORE completing architectural plans for a new home or addition. We are particularly concerned with visual harmony, setbacks, and landscaping buffers.

Yes. Contact the architectural committee BEFORE installing a new fence or significantly altering landscaping that may impact your buffer. We do not allow chain link or wire mesh fences in locations that are visible from an adjacent roadway.

Yes. The Mirrormont Covenants are designed to help preserve the unique quality of the neighborhood and natural screening between homes. Contact us with any setback questions pertaining to patios or other landscaping features.

If you’ve contacted the ARC with your project and gotten approval, there is a time frame stipulated for work and equipment needed to complete the project.

You may be contacted if we receive a complaint for visible heavy equipment that is not in use for a current project.

Please be respectful of your neighbors and consider the impact to their property prior to taking down trees.

Yes. The Mirrormont Covenants prohibit unscreened RVs or boats. If reasonably visible from the street, you may be asked to enhance the screening of your RV or boat.

Boats and RVs must be stored in a permanent structure. If reasonably visible from the street, you may be asked to enhance the screening of your RV or boat.

No. The Mirrormont Covenants prohibit livestock, including chickens and goats. If we notice livestock or poultry or receive a complaint, you will be asked to remove animals from your property.

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Mirrormont Park is owned by King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks and is maintained in cooperation with the MCA.

King County mows the grass, clears the trails, cleans up storm damage, and collects garbage.

In 2005, the MCA signed an agreement to develop and maintain the park with what came to be known as Community Partnership and Grant funds. The MCA Park Committee members are stewards of the park who strive to mediate the needs of the community with King County, and make improvements such as installing benches and tables. Mirrormont volunteers spread chips on trails, trim overgrowth from paths, remove invasive weeds and replace them with native plants.

For more information see https://mirrormont.org/community/park/ or contact park@mirrormont.org

King County enforces the rules of the park.

King County Parks and Recreation rules govern use of the park, and they are enforced by the County.

Rules are posted at the park entrance and can also be viewed online here.

To report a crime, suspicious activity, or infraction of park rules, call 911 (emergency) or 206-296-3311 (non-emergency).

To report a crime, suspicious activity, or infraction of park rules, call 911 (emergency) or 206-296-3311 (non-emergency).

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Hiking & Trails

Yes! To access the closest trailhead on Tiger Mountain:

Go north on 256th Ave SE until it comes to a T with SE 149th St, which becomes 255th Ave SE as it curves to the right. Or follow 260th Ave SE north to the cul-de-sac and then walk down the gravel road.

Follow until you get to Tiger Mtn Rd. Cross over and go left about the length of a city block until you come to the trailhead.

Alternatively, drive on 152nd to Tiger Mtn Rd, turn left and go about 3/4 of a mile to the trailhead where there is one parking place that doesn’t have a No Parking sign.

To get to the Grand Canyon of Tiger Mtn, which features a modest canyon around Fifteen Mile Creek and a waterfall, follow the trail to the logging road and go left until you come to the first trailhead on your right.

The short and secluded walk along Fifteen Mile Creek offers views of waterfalls, cliffs, and an old coalmine, which was mined from 1925—1940 (now sealed). Observe how the exposed gorge walls take on color striations similar to a sunset. Millions of years of soil deposits from glacial formations and changing climates are inscribed in them, layer upon layer.

The trail uses the old railroad grade built and used by Wood & Iverson to log areas of Tiger Mtn (including Mirrormont) in the 1920s. Along the trail are foundations of a “crusher” and a “washery,” quaint terms from a bygone mining era. Where the trail forks, the left fork ends at a viewpoint for the waterfall. The right fork goes up to more views of the creek, a mudslide area where amber has been found, and another sealed coal tunnel.

Fifteen Mile Mine is where nine-year-old George Weyerhauser was kept when he was kidnapped in 1935. Greg Spranger and other Issaquah Historical Society volunteers retrieved a coal car from the flooded mine shaft in 1980. No mining was actually done out of the Fifteen Mile Mine — instead, it was a stock scam. Coalmines on Tiger Mtn never saw their full operational potential. The way the coal seam formed geologically made it difficult to extract coal.

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Mirrormont Country Club & Tennis Courts

MCC is a private organization that includes a clubhouse, an outdoor swimming pool, and tennis courts. Annual membership is available by subscription, limited to 95 families/members, and there is often a waiting list to join the MCC.

As of 2016, there is an initial refundable fee of  $1000 to join, and annual dues are about $700. A $25 application fee is not refunded.

For more details and current fees, see http://www.mirrormontcountryclub.org/

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