An African Lion in Mirrormont?

February 20, 2017 History0

It was a calm, quiet summer night before there were many houses in Mirrormont. All of the windows were open, and I was in the bathroom when I heard this terrible roar, like a lion in a TV nature show. It turned out that someone living on 152nd Street near the fire station had a caged African lion there for about a week.

James Carey Elder II, parents moved to Mirrormont in 1966 

Where 263rd dead-ends into 152nd, there’s a house and roof are all metal. Before that, it was one of the original A-frames. The second family in there built a big, high fence to house a kennel because they raised German Shepherds. The third family who moved in there had a full-grown male lion. In the summer, when that lion would roar, you could hear it all over Mirrormont. Some neighbors finally made him get rid of it. This was somewhere around 1970-1975.

Tom Cole, moved to Mirrormont in 1965