Nice Native Plant or Noxious Weed? What’s growing on your property and what can you do about it.

Do you have invasive weeds taking over your property? Are you worried about new weeds that are starting to show up in the neighborhood? Are you new to Mirrormont and want to discern between lovely native plants and noxious weeds? Come on July 19th at 7 PM to the MCC clubhouse to hear Sasha Shaw, noxious weed expert and educator from King County’s Noxious Weed Control Program.

Learn how to identify and eradicate common invasive weeds like English ivy, Himalayan blackberry, yellow archangel, creeping yellow buttercup, and bindweed (a.k.a. morning glory), as well as new species just starting to show up in Mirrormont such as rough chervil, a poisonous plant related to poison hemlock. Bring your own mystery plants in a ziplock bag to get help identifying them and find out how to control them.

Arrive early for this MCA-sponsored event to socialize and enjoy Happy Hour, which begins at 6:30 and features wine, cheese, coffee, tea, brownies, and other treats.


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