Saturday May 20th   9:00 am—2:00 pm @ Mirrormont Country Club Tennis Courts

Electronics Recycling 9—2:00 & Shredder Truck 12—2:00 @ Mirrormont Country Club Parking Lot

All MCA members who have paid their $50 dues for 2017 may participate. Dues may be paid at dumpster drop-off (cash or check). For questions about dues, email membership@mirrormont.org

Thanks go to King County’s Community Service Area Program for co-funding this expanded event. 

Volunteers Needed

  • Ride on the truck for scheduled pick-ups
  • Help load dumpsters
  • Adopt-a-Road
  • Check in members

Please sign up! Email president@mirrormont.org

Drop-Off: First check in at the volunteer tent behind the dumpsters at the tennis courts. Volunteers can help you unload.

Scheduled Pick-Ups: If you need us to come to you, dues must be received on or before May 11th. Due to limited personnel for this service, we ask that pick-ups be reserved for those who are unable to take their items to the dumpsters. Pick-up at your home must be scheduled by Wednesday, May 17th. Contact harris4913@comcast.net with name, address & phone. Have items at curbside by 8:30 AM on 5/20.

Items NOT ALLOWED: Motor oil, gas, paint, yard waste, batteries, engine parts, tires, hazardous waste, concrete, large amounts of construction debris from remodeling projects (drywall, decking, etc.). The MCA has the right to limit the amount dumped per household.

Items Accepted: Large items that don’t fit in weekly trash, such as broken toys, furniture, BBQs, lawn furniture, carpets, mattresses.

Electronics Recycling: Computer equipment, PCs, laptops, keyboards, mice, speakers, cords, cables, monitors, hard drives, memory chips, projectors, power supplies, printers, TVs, cell phones, consumer electronics, DVD players, stereos.

Most Metals and appliances will be collected by a recycler by the dumpsters. If your item has a motor, drain the oil and gas.

Shredding: Confidential Data Disposal’s shredder truck will be in the Mirrormont Country Club parking lot from 12—2:00.

Adopt-A-Road: Sign up in advance for your section of road at president@mirrormont.org -or- volunteer on clean-up day at the dumpsters to help pick up roadside trash. Bags and gloves will be provided. This is a great family activity and a nice way to keep Mirrormont looking clean.

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