Firewise: Making Mirrormont Safer — 2/16 at 7 PM at the clubhouse

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Unlike Eastern Washington, where catastrophic wildfires occur annually across the landscape, Western Washington faces a different risk. Catastrophic wildfires occur once every hundred years or more, on scales much greater than the annual fires that occur frequently east of the Cascade crest. Unexpected, large and highly-intense wildfires can occur on the west side, and have in the past. Fortunately our fire response has been able to limit the extent of fire spread. It’s not a matter of if a catastrophic wildfire will spread beyond our control, it’s a matter of when. We can only try to control ‘the when’ by keeping the density of fire fuels low and staying well-prepared to fight fires.

Wildfires do burn every year in east King County. It takes only a few sunny days for forests to dry out enough to catch fire. In windy conditions, wildfires can get out of control quickly. The defensible space you create around your home could be the only thing left that could save your home and property, should a catastrophic fire go ablaze.

Before wildfire strikes, learn how you can help protect your lives and property by creating a fire-adapted space around structures.

Please join us on Thursday, February 16th at 7:00 PM at the clubhouse for a Firewise presentation by ES&R Deputy Fire Chief Tryon, King Conservation District Forester Jarret Griesemer and Linda Vane with King County’s Forestry Program.

As discussed in our annual MCA newsletter, Mirrormont News, Jarret identified SE 146th St. as our highest risk area because it is on a steep slope facing Tiger Mtn State Forest, and the large amount of fuels present on many homeowner’s properties and especially on the vacant lots. Jarret and Linda will discuss strategies for working on steep slopes.

You can schedule a free individual assessment of your property at the meeting. Jarret or Linda can help you spot wildfire risks on your property and advise you what to do about them.

Brian Olson, of Olson’s Outdoor Improvements, will attend the meeting. He wants to offer homeowners a “Mirrormont deal” for winter clean-up services if the work can be scheduled as a group.

Doors will open at 6:30 for Happy Hour socializing and refreshments — wine, cheese, tea, coffee, brownies…

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